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| id | created at | config | stats | message | label |
| f07e087e... | 2018-05-02 20:16 | {'solver': 'newton-cg'} | {'train_acc': 0.9464, 'test_acc': 0.8947} | first snapshot | Best |
| 92b94ca8... | 2018-05-02 22:13 | {'solver': 'liblinear'} | {'train_acc': 0.9286, 'test_acc': 0.8738} | new solver | None |
Registering service route credit-risk/shabaz/xgboost-model/v1 ...

Deployed the following services:

✓ Successfully deployed on the cluster: cpu-credit-risk
Registering service route credit-risk/shabaz/gpu-tensorflow-model/v1 ...

Deployed the following services:

✓ Successfully deployed on the cluster: gpu-credit-risk
Registering service route credit-risk/shabaz/cpu-knn-model/v1 ...

Deployed the following services:

✓ Successfully deployed on the cluster: serverless-credit-risk

Intuitive Command-line Interface and Web Platform

Datmo integrates with your current workflow through a familiar CLI and web portal.

compare model versions (snapshots) in the web interface

Track models and deployments with ease

Datmo's web GUI makes it easy to assess model performance and deployment metrics. Optimize for throughput, latency, or cost, and autoscale your services with demand.

collaborate with your peers in the web interface

Collaborate end-to-end

Use Datmo's web platform to track models created by your team, and collaborate all in one place. Manage Snapshots within your organization and find the right ones to build on and deploy to production.

Your fastest Time-to-Deployment (TTD), guaranteed

Cut your deployment time from weeks to minutes. Package and deploy on any cloud -- CPU or GPU (and even serverless!)

graph showing time to deployment for serverless, cpu, and gpu
collaborate on model versions with peers
Optimize your AI pipeline

Spend less time on deployments, and more time working on your models and experiments.

share knowledge of models with your peers
Same interface, many deployment options.

Enable your model builders to deploy across different clouds, CPU or GPU servers, or even serverless functions, all with the same interface.

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Don't worry, Datmo works alongside your existing tools

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